HVDC Station Switchgear Improvements

Power Precision modernized switchgear and substation equipment at the New Brunswick HVDC Converter Station. The following improvements were made for the sake of safety and reliability:

  • New 5 KV vacuum breakers supplied and installed to replace existing GE Magne-blast air circuit breakers in existing GE Magne-blast MV switchgear to improve safety and reliability while avoiding the cost and downtime of a complete switchgear exchange.
  • New fiber optic arc flash detection was installed in the 5 KV switchgear, including point and open fiber and relays.
  • 600V breakers were remanufactured and converted to non-asbestos components.
  • Additional 600V main and feeder breakers with non-asbestos components were supplied.
  • Zero sequence current transformers were installed on all 600V switchgear feeders for improved ground fault protection.
  • All transformer bus was insulated for improved safety and reliability.
  • 600 V distribution was converted to a high resistance grounded system to improve the reliability of the 600 V distribution and reduce ground fault hazards.
  • IR scanning windows were installed on transformers and switchgear enclosures to improve safety for thermal scanning of electrical equipment.
2.4 KV Locomotive Vacuum Breakers