AC PRO Trip Unit

Upgrade breaker with new trip unit including the following features.
- Includes data network communication for network access to settings, metering and trip event data.
- Current trip settings for long, short, instantaneous, ground and phase unbalance.
- Multi line LCD display showing actual current metering values, settings and trip event data.
- Self-test feature with LED indicator.
- Quick Trip arc flash reduction capability (remote switch not included).
- Sluggish breaker detection.
- Wave form capture.
- Time stamping of multiple trip events.
- Door mountable USB programming port.
-Programmable Scheduled Maintenance Interval accessible via network
-Remote QUICK-TRIP® Arcflash Mode Control input for remote arc flash reduction

VDM Module for AC PRO II (In addition to option above)
Voltage, Frequency, Power & Energy Metering.
Provides continuous control power for data communications via network.
Voltage trips and alarms.
Remote close via trip unit and network (E/O breakers only)

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